You’re a leader.
Your time is valuable.

You want to feel strong, flexible & less stressed.

I’ll tell you a secret… when it comes to wellness, less is more and consistency is queen. Research shows that three short yoga practices per week are more beneficial than one 90 minute class! So no—you do not have to spend your life at the gym to get results.

And let’s be honest, you have campaigns to launch and projects to run. But you also know, you need to recharge along the way.

Because when you’re overworked and exhausted, anxiety and sleepless nights are just around the corner.

Running yourself into the ground ends up costing you time and money–and then you can’t even enjoy this badass life you’ve built.

You don’t need anyone to tell you to hustle. Totally the opposite! I’m just going to say it… you need to give yourself permission to pause.

And you’re not alone. We all need a short list of ways to recharge, so we can move forward with intention. It’s just like in Mad Men when Don and Peggy go to the movies to relax and get unstuck.

You’re super smart, so intellectually you already know it, but consider this an embossed invite from me to you to start moving in the direction that serves the whole you and not just the bottom line (which is totally important, of course, to cover that bougie wine you love ;-)).

And I’m here to help. Because I’ve been there and…

You deserve to feel good.

You deserve to feel confident in your body. To move with ease. To own the room. On and off the mat.

That’s where I come in. Hi, I’m Nicole! I went from a burned out corporate cliché to Ambassador of Zen and Founder of 19 Minute Yoga. I built a solution to solve my own wellness challenges and I made it audio-first with step-by-step instructions, so you can flow with ease–no more craning your neck to watch a screen.

These days thousands of people around the world use 19 Minute Yoga to improve flexibility, increase strength, and reduce the impact of stress.

Stress is too expensive.

US businesses lose up to $300 billion a year as a result of workplace stress.

Meanwhile, a study found that yoga decreased the stress hormone cortisol after only 10 days of practice. Another study showed that practicing yoga–even for the first time–can bring cortisol into balance, according to research from Thomas Jefferson Medical College.

I’ve seen how certain yoga poses release clogged up tension in the body. And regular Yoga Nidra meditation is life-change, as it reduces anxiety and even extreme trauma from veterans with PTSD. When I created 19 Minute Yoga, I wanted to bring the studio experience home, including meditative breathwork and poses the body desperately wants (like hip-openers if you sit at a desk all day!) to keep the mind + body clear.

In addition to creating a leading yoga app, I help entrepreneurs and executives zen out with one-on-one Yoga Nidra meditation sessions.

Check out these reviews to see what people are saying about my programs and how my voice is “soothing,” “encouraging,” and “like butter” (aww, thanks!).

You can download my yoga app here (available on iPhone and iPad), and you can book a one-one-one Yoga Nidra meditation session with me here.

Nicole D’Alonzo, Founder of 19 Minute Yoga

Before launching my startup, I worked as a global director at the number #1 beauty brand in the world (L’Oréal!) and a marketing strategist and head of social media at NYC-based PR agency Porter Novelli. I’ve shared the stage with the NFL, Microsoft, Bloomberg Business, and I’ve been featured in Forbes, The Daily Record, 9to5Mac, and the Charlotte Observer.

These days I enjoy more Brunello and Bravo-binge sessions and less crying in the bathroom in between clients-from-hell conference calls 🙌

Personal motto? Be bold. Stay grateful.
I believe in being positive—not Pollyanna.
I’m all about that zen life, while keeping it real (I’m from Jersey!).
I know a rising tide lifts all boats and I’ll always advocate for women.

I’d love to hear from you, so be sure to say hello on Twitter @nicoledalonzo 🙂


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